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Capture your loved ones' life stories. Safeguard them forever and share them with future generations. 

Easy to create | Safely stored  | Forever yours

Today's storytellers will create tomorrow's legacy.

We are all carrying around storytelling devices. We just need to know what to capture and have a safe place to store the answers safely. Then we can share these memories with future generations simply with a unique QR code.

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Welcome To The Story Of
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The Story Of Danny Nagle

11/11/1920 - 05/03/1987

A nonstop tearaway fighter with over 150 professional fights, Danzer excelled as a boxer and was known by his ring name 'The Irish Terror'...

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The Story Of Mary Russell

1948 - Present

This is the page that I'd like to leave behind after I depart this world and especially for my grandchild and even his children.

I hope they will get a better idea of my life, my truth, and I hope that it helps you in your life too.

The Story Of Timothy Flynn

17/03/1878 - 05/01/1916

Timothy seems to have 'accidentally' enlisted to the British Army much to the dismay of his wife, four children and community in Queenstown (now Cobh). His medal record noted him killed in action, the day before his wife's 35th birthday. 


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