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Pauline Carroll (nee Butler)

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31st of October 1957 - 30th of September 2017

This page is managed by Paulines' husband Frank Carroll 

Leo Butler:       Factory Worker
Maura Butler:  Housewife


Her Story
Pauline was a woman whose radiance touched the lives of all who knew her, Pauline will forever be
cherished and remembered for the love and happiness she brought into the world. She was a loving
wife, a devoted mother, and a dear friend to many. Though her physical presence is no longer with us,
her spirit continues to live on in the precious memories we shared.

Born on a memorable autumn day, Pauline brought joy and happiness to those around her from the
very beginning. She symbolized her roots and the love she carried from her family. Her warm presence
lit up every room she entered, and her genuine kindness touched the hearts of all who had the privilege
of knowing her.

Pauline's journey through life was filled with significant milestones and cherished moments. It all began
when she met Frank Carroll in church, and their beautiful connection blossomed into a lifelong love.
They exchanged vows in a sacred ceremony at Harold's Cross church in 1982, surrounded by family,
friends, and neighbours who celebrated their union.

Together, Pauline and Frank built a home that became a haven of love and happiness. Their children,
Neal, Kim, and Shauna, brought immeasurable joy and pride into their lives. For thirty-five blissful years,
Pauline and Frank created lasting memories within the walls of Pauline's grandmother's house in
Sandymount. It was a place filled with love, laughter, and the joys of family. They embarked on
cherished family vacations, basking in the warm sun and creating bonds that would last a lifetime.

Pauline's love extended beyond her immediate family. She embraced gardening and shared her passions
with Frank. They embarked on adventurous trips, exploring the countryside and attending exhilarating
motorcycle races. Pauline's zest for life and unwavering support made their journey together an
extraordinary one.

In 2010, life took an unexpected turn when Pauline experienced a fall in the garden. Concerned for her
well-being, she underwent medical tests, searching for answers. Although no immediate cause was
found, a vacation in Spain later that year revealed subtle changes in her behavior. Upon their return,
Pauline bravely confronted the unknown, seeking medical guidance. In March 2012, a devastating
diagnosis of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) was delivered, altering the course of their lives. Despite the
challenges that lay ahead, Pauline faced each day with unwavering strength and a spirit that never
ceased to inspire those around her.

Throughout her life, Pauline found joy in simple pleasures. She cherished moments spent watching her
favorite TV programs and savoring the delights of good food and drink. Her vibrant spirit and infectious
laughter brightened the lives of all who had the privilege of sharing those moments with her.

We remember Pauline with our hearts filled with love and gratitude. She was more than a wife, mother,
and friend – she was a beacon of light, a source of unwavering love, and an embodiment of strength.
The memories we hold dear will forever remind us of the remarkable person she was.

Pauline, your love touched our souls, and your legacy will live on within our hearts. As we pay tribute to
you, we take solace in knowing that you are at peace, free from pain. May your spirit continue to guide and protect us, and may the warmth of your love forever shine upon us.

Rest in eternal peace, and know that you are loved and missed beyond measure.


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